how we began

At the age of 29, Bill Langlois had already spent 13 years in the fitness industry.  At the age of 18, he was a top performing General Manager of a large health club chain in New England and by 21 was opening and owning his own health clubs.  In 2012, Bill was a founding employee of a start up company that opened over 70 fitness centers in less than 24 months all across the U.S.  In his role as Senior VP, Bill noticed there was a void in the industry that was not being filled.  Many of the Personal Trainers in the health clubs were unprofessional and intimidating, leaving members reluctant to ask for help.  The fitness centers became filled with members not seeing results.  Many folks instead began using the fitness centers provided to them in their luxury apartment buildings.  The trainers that worked their way into those, however, were not reputable and caused issues for property management and their residents.  Fitness Solutions was born out of the need to provide folks with the results they desire, while delivering unprecedented professionalism in the most comfortable, convenient, and non intimidating environment.  Now serving over 12,000 residents in multiple geographies across the U.S., Fitness Solutions has become the nation's leader in the on-site training space.  Offering world class Personal Training in your apartment fitness center, there's no longer a need to join a gym; we've come to you!