World class personal training in your apartment gym

3rd annual resident fitness challenge - $2,000 cash prize!


Contest entry period:​  December 10 - January 15 

Contest dates:​  January 1 - April 30 

Contest details:​  Residents will have the option to work with a trainer anywhere from 3-12 times per month.  We will focus on nutrition, cardio, and strength training, with an emphasis on overall fat loss.  Off day workout instruction will be provided for days that you’re not meeting with your trainer.  


How to enter:​  Click the “Start!” tab.  Fill out the contact form and in the “fitness goals” section write “Fitness Challenge” 


How to Win:​  The contest will run January 1 - April 30.  Whichever client loses the biggest % of body fat will win $2,000 CASH!  The winning resident will be featured on our website and social media accounts for the month of May!